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June 26, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* go, read: "Image Of Youth."

* Susan Ferrier Mackay profiles Merle Tingley, aka "Ting."

* the cartoonist Michael DeForge has been tweeting out fun drawings of Yuri!!! On Ice characters, but I can never find the exact tweet that starts a thread without it being changed so here's his twitter account more generally.

* Matthew Thurber picks 10 cartoonists every art lover should know. That's great because it's a fun list, with at least one cartoonist I hadn't thought of in a long while, and you get to know how Matthew Thurber's head looks a little bit.

* Clifford Meth, who was a great beneficial force in the life of artist Dave Cockrum before his passing, writes about recent potential film/TV news.

* finally: it's difficult not to enjoy a picture like this one.
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