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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Achewood Returned


Chris Onstad's Achewood came back in February after a lengthy hiatus. It's been good. Its return has made me happy. I'm not sure why more people aren't ecstatic as my happiness is in direct correlation with how much I enjoy the strip but I know a lot of people that enjoy it more than I do. It may be that it's in that weird place culturally where it's no longer new but it hasn't last quite long enough for people to come back to renewed, if that makes any sense. I couldn't tell you. I'm just glad to be able to read new installments again.

One thing that's interesting to me about webcomics right now is that we're beginning to see major creative effort that have run the same lifespan as other strips, so that when they go away it's not some sort of truncated shocker, at least not when you stop and think about it. How people react to comics they read on-line this way -- whether it become reading "comics" or whether some comics will still have a special feeling to them for having sprung from a certain culture or what -- is entirely up in the air, and I think that's exciting.
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