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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Art Spiegelman Relaxes


Art Spiegelman has shepherded his extensive, career-spanning museum exhibit across multiple continents, but it may not have been until a small but vibrant reception for friends and fellow cartoonists at the Jewish Museum the Thursday before the show's opening in November that he was able to smile and enjoy himself -- or at least that's how it felt to some folks in the room. Most of the reviews for the exhibit -- with a real focus on process and a surprising number of Spiegelman side-project that by themselves would constitute a considerable comics-making career -- have been positive, although Spiegelman's role as a lightning rod for... something... brought out the usual odd referendums on his relative comics celebrity and folks musing over whether or not he deserves the attention he receives. Give him ten times the attention, that's what I say; he'll do something interesting with it.
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