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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Baby-Steps Taken Towards Real Professional Dialogue About Money


You might have to trust me on this one, because the public dialogue about money in the comics industry is still as closed-mouth and fearful and puffed with pride as ever, but I did notice this year I was privy to a lot more private conversation where actual dollar figures about, and actual stands were taken about doing work that involved sub-standard pay or no pay at all not just in the abstract but "I'm not going to do that job for that person." I think that's good, and I think a part of that may be a new generation of cartoonists turning 30, which is the age where you start to deal with fewer abstract goals and more concrete ones.

One of the things that we owe the generation of cartoonists coming up, a generation to pay to go to school to learn how to do comics, is absolute honesty about the realities that await. It's hard enough to find a satisfying return from the comics that one does that you don't need to throw in the disappointment of thinking the place that was going to mean you were okay isn't a safe place at all. Let's have more of this please.
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