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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Carter Scholz Reviewed Dash Shaw


There isn't a long list of stand-up-and-notice-when-they-write-about-comics critics -- and we all have our favorites -- but there was something particularly nice about one-time bedrock of The Comics Journal in the days of its rapid, ambitious growth Carter Scholz engaging with Dash Shaw. Part of it may be the difference in age: Scholz turned 60 in 2013; Shaw turned 30. It's much more common for occasional critics of comics to write about someone of their own generation when they put idea down for consumption. Part of it is that Shaw's New School was under-examined in the general. My favorite thing, though, was to hear Scholz's forceful yet conversational voice discuss the work in a way that indicates he has tracked Shaw through past efforts. That Carter Scholz writes about comics occasionally is wonderful -- and the Nadel/Hodler TCJ has done a great job of bringing in the magazine's traditional heavyweights when they can -- but that Scholz seems to be reading them independent of that writing, that really cool.
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