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January 4, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Comics Publishers Everywhere


We have a lot of strength in boutique publishing, particularly collectively. I think that gets lost because 1) more traditional publishers haven't backslid, 2) there are so many companies publishing, 3) if you look at any one company's efforts, I think all of them can be ably criticized by anyone giving a serious effort. But I'd miss every single one we have right now if they were to go away, a sentiment that's increased this year as one of the big ones in my constellation -- the consistently excellent PictureBox -- wrapped things up after a lengthy run.

So here's to all of the publishers that didn't for whatever reason get their own, devoted, comics positive, despite all of their merits indicating they deserved one, among them Secret Acres, Hic and Hoc, Space Face, Koyama, Retrofit, Oily, Conundrum, Studygroup, Sparkplug, Nobrow, La Mano, Uncivilized, Spit And A Half, kus!, Peow, Blank Slate, Paper Rocket, Drippy Bone Books, Alternative and probably a list just as long of publishers I'm forgetting.

Any one of you is a minor miracle. Any three of you is a comics festival.
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