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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Dan Clowes Exhibit At MCA


Daniel Clowes' "Modern Cartoonist" exhibit originated in Oakland and has some time out on the road yet to come in at least Columbus, but its mid-2013 stay in Chicago is worth noting for the fact that Clowes is one of the great cartoonist with significant ties to that city. Some of his best work is about the city and its people, or is at the very least informed by it. I can't even imagine what it must be like to see your work advertised on buses you used to use to get from one place to another on a regular basis, nor will I ever have the reason to. It's worth a reminder that one reason Clowes was dragged into his current whirlwind of intrusive idiocy emanating from a movie actor is because his work is of a signature, high quality, and that it demands respect for its obvious worth.
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