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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Dark Horse's Continued Devotion To The Comic Book Format


People often complain about the lack of indy/alt comic book in the classic serial comic book format, and I agree with them on the alt-part of that equation. There are a ton of non-mainstream superhero genre books out there being done, though, in exactly the same format I used to buy like mad 30 years ago. There are even giant hits in this category, like The Walking Dead and Saga. I think I'm most grateful for Dark Horse's devotion to the format, because other than the Mike Mignola material and Star Wars -- it wasn't until early in 2014 that it was confirmed that Star Wars would go to Marvel -- they seem to frequently publish really odd, stuff, including the great Usagi Yojimbo, which over the years is beginning to make a claim for most unlikely long-running comic book in history. I think my favorite of the books Dark Horse is doing in this category is the Resident Alien series, kind of a Longmire mixed with the movie-version Starman. Elements of the narrative can be kind of forgettable -- I can't remember how the latest mystery was solved, or even if it was -- but it's sure good company. Sometimes that's more important than yet another artificially-engineered peak experience. I'm glad it's around.
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