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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: ECCC Became A Seattle Thing


Sure, sure, sure, Seattle's Emerald City Comicon continued its growth in stature as an early, just-short-of-national-although-maybe-that-measure-no-longer-makes-sense show with which to reckon in the world of comics: like Baltimore and Charlotte, it's one that most creators in North America and certainly everyone within one day's driving distance makes a firm decision whether or not to attend. It's on the mind, and will stay there: the comics creators in attendance seem to enjoy it greatly, as the show has retained its comics focus while folding in genre entertainment features, and the mid-sized companies seem entrenched in a way that won't be shaken loose if anyone out there decides now is the time to exhibit. What was clear on the ground this year, though, is how the city has taken to it: every Seattle comic shop for a week leading up to the show was beset with phone calls from folks looking for tickets; there were local media features galore; there was signage on the buses; none of my dozen or so friends still in Seattle that don't work in comics asked what I was doing in town. Conventions are tricky at every size, but having the gut-level endorsement of a city's cultural state-of-mind is a threshold that many shows never cross; it should also benefit those looking to partner with city governments in other places.
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