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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Hyperbole And A Half Billion Freaking People Bought This Book


Allie Brosh's super-popular book doesn't come springing from the rich loam of the Will Eisner tradition of comics-making, but it's unclear 1) why people are willing to routinely embrace this as comics, or at least hybrid-comics making as we've come to recently understand, 2) why people love yelling about how people don't appreciate this work as comics but still don't seem to include it in their coverage or discussion of comics as a matter of course. Looks like comics to me! It seems to depend on more standard effects of comics than half the issues of Cerebus after its lead went to the moon or The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. Some of the work here is very funny, and the comics are certainly the kind to which a significant number of people find an instant and immediate connection. I'd say as many people as we have poking at our understanding of what comics look like the better, even if the ultimate goal is stop having these conversations at all.
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