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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Image Expo Became A Thing


Image threw a convention for itself in July 2013 a couple of weeks before Comic-Con International. At the time some people told me they thought it was a super-aggressive move against Comic-Con International, basically taking the publishing news a company like Image might announce at a show like Comic-Con and announce it themselves when they wouldn't have to share the spotlight with everything else going on. I sort of agree with that analysis, except for the implication that this is any kind move against any convention, let alone San Diego. It's more like Image saw the growing love for comics shows and decided they could use that as its own promotional opportunity. And they were right. I have to imagine there will three or four more of these by 2018, all with their own spotlighted publisher. Image has moved its own back to early January, months and months before any show might compete -- it's a few days away. They'll own that news cycle, I'm guessing. I welcome any different way to organize a comics show as a positive, above and beyond all this event might mean to its publisher and the talent they've assembled to be on hand.
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