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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: International Festivals


I was reminded looking at Dave Lasky's work yesterday that he attended Boomfest in St. Petersburg, Russia. It seems like there are larger North American contingents at various shows around the world just as there is a larger international-comics presence at places like San Diego Con and TCAF. A sizable US contingent has made a habit of Angouleme; another group always seems to be at Lucca; there are certainly any number of English shows to choose from; I know people that went to South America not once but twice, and Fumetto remains a goal for a lot of young comics makers. I think this is healthy, and I hope more and more folks get to avail themselves of this option moving forward -- there is sometimes grant money or unofficial money to help make things easier, like the offer in Helsinki of free table space and a place to stay to anyone from the US that bought a plane ticket.
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