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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Jeff Smith's Webcomic


It seems like an obvious thing to call Jeff Smith launching a webcomic on the free-to-drive-interest-to-collection model as a comics positive, because I think a bunch of people have commented on how remarkable for a cartoonist so good at working withe one model to switch to another. Me, I'd say it's such an interesting thing we shouldn't care if it's obvious or not. Smith has everything necessary to make use of the digital model: a solid infrastructure, an ability to play the long-game, a bunch of good-will from his peers working in that realm of comics, and a displayed ability to find what works rather than stick with something that might not. Plus the comic is really interesting, too, a kind of old-timey Sunday newspaper model. Smith has made his reputation by blending genres; this is his first project that may be best descrbied as the blending of models.
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