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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Paul Karasik Did The CAB Programming


I could talk for about a half hour on convention programming, which is weird in that I'm not sure it's all that important in the bigger scheme of things. Give me a half-dozen more excellent comics and you can have the year's 50 best panels. Still, there's something about how good certain programming slates have become, and how awful some have remained. When you see people give a presentation where they are articulate and they have prepared something and they have material you can download afterwards and they're smart and funny, you get kind of impatient listening to six people in baseball caps turned backwards taking questions from the audience and seeming like they hold the entire process in contempt.

The cartoonist and educator Paul Karasik arranged the programming for Comic Arts Brooklyn, which lets you know how far programming has come because Karasik is a prime cartooning talent and everybody's choice for professional peer wingman when they're minus a date or their agent. He's connected and he's smart. He was also necessary because CAB had to live in the shadow of what Bill Kartalopoulos did with Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival the last few years, which was totally transform festival programming from a place to make sure every PR person got their people up on stage to something cartoonists secretly yearned to be asked to do. Karasik's three panels -- an anniversary panel for City Of Glass, a young cartoonists panel that's the best I've seen yet for creators currently under 32 (that's them above), and a Jeff Smith process presentation -- were definitely in the Bill K mode. I could have spent the whole day in that little bar, and almost did. Hopefully, the rest of us ever asked to participate in something like this can continue to raise our games.
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