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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: People Made Dirty Comics


I'm a big fan of people working in as many expressions of comics as possible, which means I'm perfectly happy seeing people make dirty comics. The great thing about people making such comics right now is that the explosion of video and photographic imagery on the Internet has removed the ability of comics to get over with an audience simply for the choice to depict sex or nudity in some way. It's a buyer's market, or if you prefer a market for people that don't really have to buy anything anymore, and thus has dried up enough that people don't enter it cynically. This seems to have resulted in a lot of the uninspired work being gone. I'm all for comics that streamline into their narratives a depiction of sexual behavior and appetites and I'm happy for comics that restrict themselves to this purpose. Some of the best comics ever made were motivated in similar fashion. I'm hoping these comics get even more attention when a planned, collected edition of Thickness hits the market.

image from Agent 8 by Katie Skelly, at Slutist
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