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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: SOI Partnered With MoCCA For The First Time On Their Comics Festival


It wasn't perfect, and probably wasn't on a lot of folks' lists of five best comics shows for the year, but 2013's iteration of the MoCCA Festival featured its first in partnership with the folks running the Society Of Illustrators, the group that assumed the museum's name and assets, and for that reason was a comics positive. New York City is going to remain difficult for a lot of reasons -- the math is just brutal for anyone coming in from out of town -- but the Society's ability to put together an advisory board from across various camps in New York's diverse comics scenes, their ability to throw shows both at the site and at their headquarters in conjunction with the event, their willingness to make changes on the ground and for future events without feeling a need to defend themselves against the criticism that may have spawned the change, all of these were welcome developments from the vast majority of people to whom I spoke. New York deserves as many shows as possible that aren't just "comic cons" in the sense of using comics publishing as an anchor to wallow in the the junkiest of junk culture; MoCCA's partnership with Society of Illustrator may provide one way to get there. All eyes will be on the 2014 show to see how things progress.
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