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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Steven Grant Got A Payday


I don't know how movie deals work except for the fact that in comics many of them are exploitative because of the original agreement and that one hears that the movie contracts themselves are tougher than ever due in part to huge surge of interest in supplying material for that kind of creation. I also don't know anything about individual contracts. My personal impression, however, is that the writer Steve Grant -- a solid veteran of comics-making and an important figure in writing about comics on-line -- was happy with what he received for a movie version of his 2 Guns work, and it was nice to see him in San Diego and before and after back on-line writing a bit. Hopefully we get to the point where this kind of thing isn't noteworthy at all because it's ubiquitous, and the rewards from the comics themselves grown in significance to the point where everything else is gravy, but that shouldn't change our happiness when something like this works out for a creator the way they intended it to. I hope my hunch is correct.
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