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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: The Best 45 Seconds Of The Year


The best moment of the year in comics 2013 was during the opening night celebration for the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, when founding curator Lucy Shelton Caswell was introduced. There was applause. And then more applause. And then a sustained effort to keep that applause going. Two things you learn to tell when you work as a journalist for more than a couple of years: fake laughter and fake ovations. This was genuine, and heartfelt, and not ever the top or forced. I think those on hand genuinely wanted to show appreciation for the tremendous career Caswell's enjoyed whose latest accomplishment -- with more to come -- is to help in significant fashion to put the OSU cartoon library holdings into that magnificent new facility. She is a role model.

image swiped from this OSU page, and I think I've seen it used enough times that it's okay to use it here, but I'll take it down if it's not intended for use that way: that is Caswell with founding donor Milton Caniff
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