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January 3, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: The Image Deal As Ideal


A more formal history of the year would get into the growing momentum that Image Comics enjoys right now -- it might even nail down its size and extent. My hunch is that their recent success is a combination of several things, including smart hires and the way all of the big companies have oriented themselves towards the Direct Market, a way that has flattered Image's line because it's creatively dependable. The big takeaway and a positive for the year, though, at least to my mind, is that the Image deal has become, once again, the one that works best for a lot of active creators -- creators that because of their orientation towards comics growing up want to create work on their own, creators that because of past role-models want to direct what happens in their careers as much as humanly possible. It's a fun model to have out there doing battle with the big mainstream companies and their library of iconic licenses to manage -- you could almost contrast them as general creative strategies, and I'm sure someone smart out there has. For now, though, it's a good thing because of the quality work that's results, the creators that have found a way to make this model work they way they want it to, and the readers that benefit from engaging with something perhaps familiar, but also new.
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