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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: The PictureBox Secret


I'm not sure there's much of a positive spin that can be put on the closure of Dan Nadel's PictureBox Inc. unless you take the approach that it's all positive -- and certainly that's legitimate, as much as we'll selfishly miss the books they facilitated (and don't believe anyone that tells you that they'll all end up somewhere else). Nadel announced the closure of his boutique publishing arm from a position of strength and out of a desire to organize his life differently, not from crushing financial burden or some sort of existential panic. He even put together a nice sale that was a wonderful thing all by itself in terms of consumers picking up items they otherwise might not have been able to afford.

One humorous positive that occurred to me was how much of an open secret the closure was. It was suspected for more than a year. Dan Nadel informed his artists I think a week or two before SPX; certainly by that show it was an item of open gossip. But it didn't end up everywhere, or published, until Nadel was ready, and I think that's part of the respect that a lot of people had for the company and what it accomplished. It may also have been hope that Nadel would change his mind.
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