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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: The Return Of Minimum Wage


Although it's officially a January 2014 release, this site received a copy of Bob Fingerman's re-launched Minimum Wage comic book in the mail the day before the year ended, using a single-color effect that doesn't come through in the above-preview image and plunging back in the world of the cartoonist's everyman stand-in. An oversized edition of the previously-published 1990s alt-comic series was certainly released this year. It's nice to have Fingerman back working on this project. Its arrival in trade form and now series form marks certain changes in context in comic books over the last few years: that having the writer Robert Kirkman as a fan is a great thing to be able to say right now, that Image's continuing climb gives just about any series they do a certain level of industry interest, that there are comics on the stands (Sex Criminals) with which Fingerman's worked can be paired by an enterprising retailer, and that the rise of cable TV series provides hope for Fingerman's work as fodder for cross-media interpretation.
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