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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: The World Of Pretty Good


I've been getting e-mail for about two weeks from friends baffled by the range of comics represented in this year's best-of lists. I don't know if the lists are different this year or if people are just noticing, but I have to admit I share their perspective that there is a significant range of material that people are happy to put up on a best-of list, and, moreover, very few books that people will howl about if they see on one.

The lists themselves I'm not sure is a positive: I prefer a wide range of idiosyncratic choices to all of the lists settling in on certain "prestige" and books that seem to exist solely to make such lists, but I'm not getting a lot in the way of wildly divergent opinions out there, just... opinions. But there is one thing I like: there's a lot material that's arguably good, and that's not always been the case in comics' history. It makes a certain amount of sense that where things may have improved is not so much the top of the medium's output but in the middle to the just-next-to-upper reaches. There's a lot of readable, perfectly enjoyable material out there right now, and perhaps comics is well suited to make a push into wider readership based on a bulk of worthy art much the same as other art forms achieve from time to time. Comics: a whole lot of all right.
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