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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: The Writer Matt Fraction Uses His Public Platform For Good


The writer Matt Fraction had a big hit in 2013 with Sex Criminals (with Chip Zdarsky) and continued his well-regarded work on Hawkeye (with David Aja and other talented people); his other creative partners have included Mike Allred and Howard Chaykin -- he's a good year. Fraction has also maintained a commendable public profile, mostly humorous and only modestly forthcoming but becoming serious twice this year in two significant posts: this one about his addictions; this one about suicide. I hope that both did some of the good for which they were intended, and suspect this is so. For as much as creators' on-line personae have become increasingly coarsened into an almost constant barrage of PR indistinguishable at time from actual publicity campaign of the kind that use to be done on one's behalf, it's nice to see something that smart, and genuine and forthright not once but twice this year.
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