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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Tumblr Nation


I share many of the concerns that many people have about Tumblr, primarily that it plays directly into a culture of entitled non-attribution at the expense of artists' ability to have the primary say in how their work is seen and distributed. I also find it humorous that like so many things in comics, people's attitude towards Tumblr seems to align directly with their perceived ability to make us of it: I find the person growling "don't need it" and the person who thinks "I am totally on top of this great thing" equally amusing.

What I think Tumblr is in relation to comics primarily, though, is necessary, whether that be as a place where you can find crowd-sourced link distribution that put eyeballs even on something published by a Internet citizen as old and respected as Slate, like the above picture I accessed through my own tumblr account, in a way that shames the old blogging system of which this site is a part, or as a place where some of the content production that just simply doesn't have a print or all-platforms publishing chance in hell of getting out there any other way can at least find an audience. Tumblr is there because we need it.
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