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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Two Books From The Manga Author Kyoko Okazaki And Vertical


It's hard to figure out what you've seen when it comes to manga that you can still be blindsided by what you haven't. Two books from the just-turned-50 manga creator Kyoko Okazaki arrived from Vertical this year: one from the mid-1990s (Helter Skelter) and one from the late 1980s (the reputation-making Pink). One of the things unique to manga because it represents such a diverse array of expression is that you can read books like these and can't imagine how you haven't been alerted to them before. What is usually is that many fans have more than been made aware of this material, even English-language reading ones: there's just a level of involvement and commitment that's not present for you to have been in place to see it before. The idea that there's still so much material left in the world to unearth is an exciting one, as exciting as Okazaki's dark, humorous, giddy takes on human frailty and excess.
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