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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Veteran Comics Writer Mark Waid Bought Into An Indiana Comics Store


There's nothing about the story of Mark Waid and Christina Blanch buying into Muncie's Alter Ego Comics and then facilitating a swap of minor ownership shares in a store in Skokie that isn't nice. It's good to have a working creator involved on the retailer level. Waid is also a digital publisher. Waid, Blanch and original owner/operator Jason Pierce have moved the store downtown where I think all comics shops should go. Waid moved a bunch of his memorabilia into the store. If I could have gone downtown when I was a kid, bought a comic book, and then asked a walking encyclopedia of comics knowledge with his name on the cover of a bunch of books a question or two, I think I could have died happy at 12 years old. It kind of makes me happy now, and I don't even live in Muncie anymore.
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