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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: We Started To Talk About Comics' Culture Of Sexual Harassment


Talking about instances of sexual harassment, gender exclusion and the culture that enables both is never pleasant. It's even true that well-meaning, right-thinking people may disagree on the shape and scope and direction of such discussions in terms of their optimal value in moving comics from one set of understandings to another. That doesn't mean that getting to talk about these things isn't a godsend for an industry that has long needed certain inexcusable things sorted out. What isn't up for a lot of debate is the value of a ground-level call for renewed professionalism across the board and the necessity of zero tolerance for asinine behavior no matter how some may attempt to justify that kind of behavior. This needs to be talked about in every way possible moving forward, and we should all be grateful for the instances and actors that put it in the forefront of discussion over the last few months.
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