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January 1, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: With Great Power, A Surprise Hit


Actually, I don't pay enough attention to mainstream comic book sales number to know if Superior Spider-Man is a hit, but it feels like one from all the other measures: I know what's going on in it (roughly), you hear a bunch from its primary aligned talent (in this case, that's mostly been veteran scribe Dan Slott) and there are spin-off storylines and plots that directly reference the original concept. There's a joke in mainstream comics about how a plot point will enrage a certain kind of fan to the point they doubly-pay attention to a comic just to keep an eye on what's being done to it. I imagine that was some of this one at the start, but people don't pay attention for this long unless there's something in there to which they're responding. Comic book lines -- or, if you prefer, eras in mainstream comic book publishing -- are made or broken not by the top-of-line hits but the solid performers editors and creative talent can wring out of standard franchises. I have to imagine that Marvel is super-happy with the way this one has performed for them.
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