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January 2, 2014

100 Comics Positives For 2013: Zunar Kept Fighting


This was one of my positives last year, too, but I remain impressed by how far Zunar is pursuing legal options to have overturned in full his 2010 arrest and detention and the confiscation of his book for vaguely-conceived, half-assed accusations of sedition/imminent danger from its publication. The cartoonist said something two years ago that he doesn't ever expect to win one of these legal battles, and has made it clear multiple times that the only satisfactory outcome is a complete capitulation to his -- righteous, I'd say -- point of view. He's also funny in the press about it, such as offering to send a presiding judge the material in question so that it's supposedly dangerous nature can be ascertained in close-up. It is so important for rights to be protected that people stand up for theirs, and Zunar is a role-model here.
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