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March 27, 2014

2014 Bill Finger Award: Robert Kanigher, Bill Mantlo, Jack Mendelsohn


The Bill Finger Award For Excellence In Comic Book Writing will go to Robert Kanigher, Bill Mantlo and Jack Mendelsohn this year. The award was founded as a way to honor a living and a deceased comics writer for their contributions to comics that may not be as appreciated as it should be. This is the first year where two living cartoonists -- Mantlo and Mendelsohn -- will be honored.

Mark Evanier said in the PR (link below) that the committee had been unable to decide between the two living writers and voted unanimously to honor both.

The committee is chaired by writer and pop-culture historian Evanier and consists of Charlie Kochman, Kurt Busiek, Jim Amash, Scott Shaw! and Marv Wolfman.

You can read full bios of the three cartoonists through the links above. Kanigher is best known for his diverse work for DC Comics during that company's fruital "Silver Age" period, including scripts for a number of the war comics he edited as well as co-creating such characters as The Metal Men and The Sea Devils. Bill Mantlo was a prolific writer for Marvel in the 1970s and 1980s whose best-remembered titles include Ka-Zar The Savage, The Micronauts and Rom: Spaceknight. His co-creations include Rocket Raccoon. He still suffers the effects of a 1992 rollerblading accident. Mendelsohn wrote for comics as early as the 1940s and went on to credits for EC, Archie, and Dell, among others. He may be best known for his clever newspaper comic strip, Jacky's Diary. He's also written for television.

Evanier and Bill Finger's granddaughter Athena Finger will present the awards during the Eisner Awards ceremony the Friday night of Comic-Con International.

(PR: FingerRelease.txt)
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