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January 1, 2013

50 Comics Positives In 2012: Adrian Tomine Got The Call For The Post-Sandy New Yorker Cover


This isn't exactly comics, but Francoise Mouly uses a lot of savvy comics-making cartoonists at The New Yorker for a very comics reason: she wants her covers to suggest a story moment as opposed to simply providing an illustration of same. Adrian Tomine had a book out of (primarily) New Yorker work early in the Fall, and did the post-Sandy cover. That cover is additionally intriguing because New York had a stunning photo cover out the same week. Tomine's cover was smart and funny and brought in the election concerns in a way that lightened the load for a lot of people gravely inconvenienced (or much worse) by that particular event. I like when a cartoonist gets to play that role.
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