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January 1, 2013

50 Comics Positives In 2012: Cartooning Schools Are Totally A Thing Now


Not only are the fully-established schools like CCS seemingly here to stay, not only are newer initiatives like SAW launching and growing, but if you went to any comics festival in 2012 and spent 20 minutes in a bar looking around you saw just how firm a stamp these places are going to have on the culture of comics moving forward. This makes a certain amount of sense. I have a fondness for the roughly same-age cartoonists and comics people in Seattle from when I worked in the funnybook industry starting in 1994: Jon Lewis, Tom Hart, Megan Kelso, Ed Brubaker, Greg Stump, Ellen Forney and so on. When I think about kneading those experiences into my actual super-intense and life-changing college and graduate school years, I stop and shudder. This is the new comics community baseline, both the personal relationships fostered and the professional values inculcated.
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