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January 1, 2013

50 Comics Positives in 2012: Seattle Has Multiple Comics Shows Worth Attending Now


This may be just another way of stating that earlier-in-the-day point about all the good comics shows now, but it struck me this morning that Seattle -- a great comics town -- has gone from exactly no shows worth attending in the decade I lived there to at least three, if not more: Emerald City Comicon, Short Run and GeekGirlCon. This is three shows from three major sources for comics shows right now: a full-range, mainstream oriented convention; a small press festival; a specialty convention. I have to think that's a good thing. Chicago is another city that has more shows than it used to; so is New York; Cincinnati will offer shows on consecutive weekends this Fall. One great thing is that I'm sure some attendees of each show in cities like Seattle are totally convinced that the show they like is the only one really worth attending.
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