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June 13, 2014

758 Comics-Makers Send Letter To French Ministry Of Culture Over Increase In Pension Contribution

I'm not sure that I'm getting all of this correct, but it looks like a large group of comics-makers through SNAC-BD has written the French minister of culture Aurélie Filipetti to object to a compulsory raise in pension contribution from one to eight percent that will take place in early 2016. I'm unclear as to the exact mechanism of that raise, or whether it should be called a raise at all without someone objecting to that characterization. The bottom line is that a big chunk of income previously kept by cartoonists will by necessity go elsewhere.

As discussed on this site earlier this month, despite the health of the French-language market relative to other comics markets and by other measures, the bulk of those making comics bring home very little money, so little that a raise in what is required from them in the way described might lead many of them to leave the field altogether. One prominent comics-maker, the artist Bruno Maiorana, declared his intention to stop making comics because of the lack of reward for time spent doing them.

It also looks like there might be a couple of tracks for this discussion -- not just objecting to the government aspect of it but calling for a general reform or some sort of relief or greater reward from publisher to artist. So that seems worth tracking as well.

You can find a PDF of the actual letter sent through that initial link.
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