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February 14, 2014

A Couple Of Sales Worth Noting: 2D Cloud; Arthur

I don't publish on this site in a systematic way that I'm able to regularly spotlight sales with effectiveness. This isn't totally a bad thing. If you regularly spotlight sales, it seems people begin to treat you like a toilet and shriek at you that you have to put up word of their sale just because you once put up word of someone else's sale, and I'm too sensitive to take abuse on behalf of someone trying to make some cash.

I am totally, totally happy to occasionally note those sales I run across that look interesting for one reason or another, or that strike me as something people would want to know about. 2D Cloud has one that seems to be going on for no reason other than to goose sales a bit in a customer-appreciation way. It might be time to get to know that publisher a little better. Longtime friend-of-comics Arthur magazine is having a clearance sales on back issues that looks like it will end March 2 with something equivalent to boxes being walked out to a dumpster -- equivalent, I'm saying, I have no idea -- and there's a bunch of stuff in there and some of you with incomplete collections I'm sure.
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