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April 11, 2014

A Few, Assorted Stories Worth Noting Heading Into The Weekend

* individual cartoonists are starting to talk about their wins in the newly-added comics portion of the Society Of Illustrators exhibition awards, so I would expect those to be formally announced soon. Cartoonists had won in that competition previously, but not in a formal category for comics-making.

* gaming writer and very occasional writer about comics Gus Mastrapa is ending his most recent column, "Pretension +1." It was one of the few gaming-culture columns I read for the sake of doing this site. The host publication for Mastrapa's column recently tried to crowd-fund its way into a different format, although it looks like that may not come off.

* I can't tell exactly when this Bruce Timm-produced Batman cartoon short appeared on-line, but I enjoyed watching it. I don't necessarily believe that it's good strategy for these publishers to constantly promote comics anniversaries, as it's a reminder how old some of these characters are and might even throw the spotlight on the less talk-show anecdote friendly elements of their creation. Still, I thought it would have been nice if the Marvel 50th anniversaries had been a bigger deal these last few years so I'm happy to see DC and its corporate ownership pay attention to Batman a bit.

* I don't know if there are any seats left in this seminar being taught by Steve Bissette at the Billy Ireland, but it sounds fun.

* there will be a memorial for Bhob Stewart in New York on Sunday, May 4, from 2-6 PM in room 523 at Columbia University's Butler Library. I can put someone in contact with a person if they want more information. It looks like they're rounding into finding a home for Stewart's papers and related items. It looks like there may be an attempt to put together a CCI panel about Stewart, too.

* finally, the nice folks at ComicsAlliance throw the spotlight on an effort to raise money for and drive attention to the writer Bill Mantlo by retelling panel to panel and page to page a comic book he wrote, ROM #1.
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