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November 6, 2012

A Few, Brief Sandy-Related Notes And Updates

* a few of you wrote me to tell me that Tony Shenton was back doing business, which is a good thing. A lot of people rely on Shenton to get their books into stores.

* I don't think this will be any sort of issue by end of week, and it's hardly one now, but one thing that's come up in a few e-mail exchanges about the forthcoming Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival is hesitancy on the part of some of my friends in the region rather than more local making the trip into the show because a) the power isn't on yet, and b) gas might be slightly difficult to come by in order to do that part of the trip. Whenever I talk about something on this site, a few folks tend to interpret whatever I mention as my being super-concerned and upset about it, with a potential side result of negative publicity, so let me at least dissuade you here -- I just think this is curious and worth noting, not this will have any sort of impact on the show.

* speaking of the BCGF, Lara Antal and Dave Kelly sent out the following e-mail about their intentions to divert any monies made during the festival and its ramp-up to storm-related relief, and to personally match those funds with another donation.
Hello Friends,

Yes, this is a mass e-mail but it's an important one. We kindly ask you take a moment to read it. Next Saturday, the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival will take place in Williamsburg, BK. We're very excited to be a part of it and hope you will be able to join us in attending. In light of the destruction caused by Sandy, Lara and I have elected to donate 100% of our sales revenue for the day to the Food Bank for New York City who are presently assisting those in need across the Five Boroughs. We will also match our revenue 100% in a personal donation. That means we will make a donation twice as large as the amount we make at BCGF.

Now we know we've included some folks in this e-mail who do not live anywhere near NYC and will not be able to make it. If you're interested in supporting our efforts, we'll also be donating 100% of sales generated by online orders starting today and ending midnight November 10th (the day of BCGF). This includes Etsy and Lush Comics (if you wish to buy Issue One digitally).

Aside from just wanting to help out, we are excited to announce that we have four brand-spankin'-new pieces for sale that will debut at BCGF! They are:

A Guide to Brewing -- an illustrated guide to making great coffee drinks written & drawn by Lara and starring Nora from TotNWM -- $5.00
Walking Into Traffic #3: "Roxy" written by Dave, drawn by Lara -- $1.00
Tales of the Night Watchman Bank Tower print, 11x17 -- $5.00
Tales of the Night Watchman Issue One Cover print, 11x17 -- $5.00

All of these items are up for sale starting today on our website but will not ship until after BCGF as that is where they officially premier. We'll make our donation Monday, November 12th.

Thanks so much for your support and we hope to see you all at BCGF, table D24!

Dave & Lara
I don't know if there will be a lot of that kind of thing, but that's nice.

* finally, auctions have begun via Art For Sandy Relief.
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