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November 27, 2012

A Few More Holiday Guide Add-Ins, Suggestions

What follows are a few suggestions from CR readers about add-ons to this year's Holiday Shopping Guide. I don't run suggestions from people of material they themselves publish, or material they suggest from a significant other -- I appreciate people being a fierce advocate on their own behalf, or for a loved one, but making posts from those e-mails would take up a big chunk of my morning.

151. A Skype Portrait From Gabrielle Bell
This is pretty self-explanatory, and I like the way these look. They're very affordable, too. Bell had a fine book out this year, and this could be paired with it.

152. Original Art From Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton is a fun cartoonist and a prolific illustrator working from his cartoon style. The link goes to his page at the Comic Art Collective, but you might want to try and track him down on Facebook to find sales on specific items. Or maybe just inquire.

153. Something From The Escape Pod Comics Sale
Their ambitious plans were not kickstarted, so they're trying to raise the money in old-fashioned Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland style, only if Rooney and Garland sold comics instead of putting on shows.

154. David Lasky's Joyce's Ulysses
A rare item, and fun for a Joyce fan. Could be paired with the Carter Family book.

155. Krampus Greeting Cards From Monte Beauchamp
Well this is a natural. Beauchamp has done sets of these classic-image cards before, and they're very handsome. With the recent comeback of the alt-comics t-shirt, can the resurgence of the vintage comics and illustration postcard be that fire behind?
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