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November 28, 2012

A Few More Holiday Guide Add-Ins, Suggestions

This is where we put suggestions that come in for adds to this year's Holiday Shopping Guide, because I'm only one man and even though I try really hard to do my best it's hard to blog in completely thorough fashion while hopped up on painkillers and egg nog. Please forgive me these omissions.

156. Something From Vanessa Davis' Etsy Store
Again, there are a lot of cartoonists with Etsy set-ups, but I ran across Vanessa Davis' the other day and I was struck by how thought-out the offerings were, and how generally attractive. So maybe try that one out, or at least give it a glance.

157. Something From A Lee's Comics Auction
These look pretty great, and include a smashing Al Williamson page.

158. A Lifetime Membership From The Toonseum
I'm all about straight-up donations, but I'm also all about gaudy baubles and in the world of attending museums a limited-edition special membership is about as gaudy as it gets. The only thing better is a membership that allows you to push down other members.

159. The Color Scott Pilgrim Books
You have to be a pretty bad blogger to write 158 Holiday Shopping entries before you get to one of the three items you've actually purchased for someone. I am that blogger. Sorry, Oni. These look nice; I haven't seen one yet. Since the original black and whites came out a few people on my shopping list have become old enough to read this material, so that's nice.

160. This Nice-Looking Print From, If It's Still Available
Speaking of not-great blogging, I missed the sale on this one. It might still be available. It wouldn't hurt to ask. Well, it might hurt. It probably won't hurt me if you ask.
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