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December 3, 2012

A Few More Holiday Guide Add-Ins, Suggestions

What follows are a few more comics-related holiday gift ideas, that will by the weekend be added to the CR Holiday Shopping Guide 2012. I wish I could have had all of these things in on my first try, but I'd rather give them the spotlight now than to be prideful about last weekend's effort. Please shop carefully: the Santa whose lap you save could be your own.

164. Commissioned Art From Karl Stevens
His stuff is very attractive, and if this was something you were thinking about for the future you might pull the trigger now as his Failure strip has come to a close.

165. Something From The Etsy Store Shared By Michel Fiffe
I like these personally-owned Etsy set-ups where a cartoonist shares the space with a domestic partner or someone else that does something not comics. I like them even more when there's a discount involved for the holiday shopping season. I like them even more than that when the cartoonist in question is talented like Michel Fiffe.

166. A Piece Of Art From The Portland Mercury Art Auction
There are a lot of cartoonists or at least cartoonist-informed illustrators in there, including Souther Salazar.

167. A 2012 Sketchbook From Cameron Stewart
This is fine-looking on its own, and I always enjoy looking at Cameron Stewart's art, but it's also a reminder to seek out anniversary-style or year-end publications from your favorite cartoonists.

168. Something From The Great Generation Of Self-Publishers
In addition to Jeff Smith, whom we mentioned above, a number of the 1980s/1990s self-publishers are still in the game -- Dave Sim, Batton Lash (work pictured) and Terry Moore among them. The nice thing about buying from these cartoonists is that in most cases direct sales are a really important part of their business model.

169. A Copy Of Detectives, Inc.
Sean Howe explains here. That's a comic from the early days of when everyone thought that the path to comics for adults was the reformation of the mainstream, both at the mainstream publishers and through independent publishers that worked to provide material that might appeal to that audience and other people besides. I remember liking it to death when I was a teen.

170. Something From J. Chris Campbell
Cartoonist and illustrator J. Chris Campbell is only taking orders for this hand-sculpted ornament until tomorrow. He has a free desktop download if you're really cheap -- I like the sweater-pattern design of it, though.
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