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December 5, 2012

A Few More Holiday Guide Add-Ins, Suggestions

What follows are a few more comics-related holiday gift ideas, that will by the weekend be added to the CR Holiday Shopping Guide 2012. I wish I could have had all of these things in on my first try, but I'd rather give them the spotlight now than to be prideful about last weekend's effort. Please shop carefully: the Santa whose lap you save could be your own.

176. Pet Project From Yam Books
A nice, socking-stuffer sized 'zine featuring the best of this generation of mini-comics makers drawing animals. Here as a reminder that mini-comics of all sorts make great extra gifts, including those that get stuffed into a sock hanging over a fireplace.

177. Something From Julia Wertz's Etsy Shop
I liked the stuff I saw Julia Wertz selling at BCGF, and, more importantly, someone with me that might actually wear a pendant liked what they saw and told me so. Also, you can get comics stuff.

178. Patrick Dean Mini-Comics
Well-crafted, and there's a ton of them. Okay, maybe not a ton, but a good number. There are enough. I think I bookmarked this because the store is reasonably new, too.

179. One Of IDW's Artist's Editions Portfolios
I probably should have made a bigger deal of this in the publishing news, but IDW has come up with a variation on their popular Artist's Edition -- oversized portfolio pieces that hold a bunch of pages/images within a hardcover frame. The initial ones feature work by Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson and seem to me super-gifty.

180. Those McSweeneys-Published Kids Books Featuring Top-Of-The-Line Young Cartooning Talent
I totally forgot about these efforts from people like Lisa Hanawalt and Matt Furie. You should buy them from Marc Arsenault since it was his post that reminded me.
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