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February 10, 2014

A Pair Of Quick Convention/Festival Notes

* it looks like Linework NW exhibitor yays and nays have gone out via e-mail; the exhibitor list will be made public this week. It looks like from a comment I saw someone make somewhere -- and I can't remember now, so forgive me if this is private info -- that applications to okays ran 3 to 1. That's great for as how first time out of the gate, and tells you about both the general appetite for comics shows, the appeal of Portland and the strength of that city's cartooning community. I hope that folks that didn't get in will still attend and support the show. I'm hoping to go, but it doesn't look likely. I am really, really hoping for a series of strong local shows that are fiercely local, without the ambition to become sizable regional shows except if absolutely demanded by the course and strength of the festival itself, and I think this could be one of the model ones.

* JK Parkin caught something I totally missed: that a big chunk of people were able to begin signing up for Comic-Con over the weekend: last-year attendees that have since gone about securing a registration code. That my computer isn't melted from the white-hot fury of spurred fans indicates to me that it's gone okay so far. It looks like they've built in some pooling and delays to get out of the "everyone crash onto the site at 30 second past the hour that characterized these things in years past. That's a tough thing for Comic-Con given the constraints of San Diego attendance-wise.
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