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May 26, 2014

A Rare CR Site Admin Update: Comic-Con Survival Guide 2014


I'm going to move the on-line posting of the Comic-Con International Survival Guide from its traditional date here and into late June. I feel like we approach conventions differently now as a community, and one outcome is that fewer of us brood on specific shows weeks and weeks in advance. The last two years when I posted on Memorial Day I had people complain at the time that I posted too early, and then a different group complain later on that I never posted it at all. So I want to try it this way to see if it works better. Also, when I originally started posting a guide, you could read it in late May and then decide to go.. We're way past that now.

It's still my favorite thing I write for the site, and maybe the most trafficked. I think this year's will be my best guide yet, and at the very least represents the first substantial re-write in seven years. Hooray for new dumb jokes replacing the old dumb jokes.

The placeholder edition remains here.

For what it's worth, the photo above is maybe my brother Whit's favorite convention-floor shot, because it's actually a shot of the writer Robert Kirkman, too -- he's pretty well-framed, actually. See him? To me the photo represents both the crowds and madness of SDCC as well as the surge of significant public interest in Kirkman's work. The con-going bodies kind of blend into the zombie-avoding ones on the poster. Comic-Con!
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