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November 6, 2012

A Smattering Of Election-Related Comics Notes

* my primary comics-related takeaway from this year's presidential election and the election more generally is that for all of our constant attention to the horse-race aspects of those contests there really hasn't been a galvanizing story or issue by which the election could be easily defined, even in an absurd way. This extends to my not being sure there's a signature cartoon. Again, this could all change with the day's events, or even subsequently.

image* three of the cartoonists I've been reading regularly this year are Matt Bors, Tom Toles and Pat Oliphant. My understanding is that Oliphant has been on vacation. I've been reading about two dozen other cartoonists semi-regularly, like Jim Morin. If you're looking for that Ozymandias "Wall Of Televisions" effect, perhaps to get an impression of what a bunch of cartoonists are saying in ways that overlap and play off of each other, you can always try one of the groupings put together at

* Ward Sutton sent out links to some of his most recent political coverage: here, here and here.

* not comics: Tony Millionaire plays the Father Of Our Country. Sort of.

* cartoonists Glenn McCoy and Matt Bors debated the issues. Sort of.

* here's a snappily-produced on-line comic about the election from our friends at The Guardian.

* Thomas Nast profiled, because Thomas Nast gets profiled every election season.

* and here's Michael Kupperman on Mitt Romney.

* a lot of comics people will be funny today on twitter. Me, maybe not so much.

* That's about it. Please vote. Please vote in an informed fashion. . I'll be going as someone both disinterested and terrified. One of my fraternity brothers is running for Attorney General of Pennsylvania, so please consider voting for him.
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