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April 4, 2014

AdHouse Announces Hardcover Collection Of Street Angel


The publisher AdHouse Books kicked off MoCCA Festival weekend with the official announcement earlier today that they would be doing a deluxe hardcover treatment of Street Angel. Publisher Chris Pitzer said that this collection of the comic by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca would resemble AdHouse's Afrodisiac volume.

I say "official" because I think due to a shuffling of some papers (or rearranging of some digital files) at Diamond the word may have gone out in unofficial fashion to some with-it direct market retailers paying close attention.

Street Angel has been a well-liked comic in all of its iterations, and a nice volume like this one should be appealing to new buyers and old. The original series came out from Slave Labor... 10 years ago. Yikes.

The new volume, to clock in at 176 pages, will appear this summer.
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