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July 26, 2011

Bundled Bonus: Ethan Rilly's Pope Hats #2


In the last several days I've received multiple inquiries about the provenance of the image of two girls in the AdHouse advertisement running here at CR. Turns out that it's Ethan Rilly that made that image, and that it's from the cover of Pope Hats #2, a forty-page comic for $6.95 due in October.

Among those factors sure to be enjoyed concerning this follow-up -- Seth was among those that raved about the late 2009 debut -- is that it's a comic book in the first place, which means that we get more Rilly sooner than we might have were he doing serialized books. The main feature is a story about a law clerk struggling both at work and with a severely destructive best friend, one of which should apply to something you experienced or are currently experiencing as a similarly young person.

You can read about the physical details of the object being released, pick up its codes and download a PDF preview by going here.
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