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February 19, 2014

Alex Segura Back At Archie Comics; Takes On Editorial Role As Part Of His Assignments There

That very nice and professional marketing/publicity person Alex Segura, who last made a cross-company move in the second half of 2012 when he went from Archie to DC Comics, is now back at Archie Comics as thie Senior Vice President -- Publicity and Marketing and as Editor for their Red Circle Comics line. This was announced formally yesterday after being leaked to Bleeding Cool in the recent tradition of DC's weird link-everything relationship with that publication. Segura seems generally well liked and this last stint at Archie in particular was well-regarded given the potential for disconnect between the generally sunny nature of Archie's core properties and the interest that they can muster for their still-secure place in the public consciousness. The Red Circle material is the publisher's superhero line: Segura's duties there will include bringing in talent and plotting the course for the line more generally. The press release pointed out that Segura is a writer of both comics and prose.

Segura's position at DC was Executive Director, Publicity. His last position at Archie was Vice President of Publicity.

You can read the formal press release here.
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