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November 6, 2012

Ali Ferzat Applying To Re-Launch Satirical Magazine al-Domari


According to a scattering of wire reports releases over the last week or so, the Syrian cartoonist and gallery owner Ali Ferzat intends to relaunch his satirical magazine al-Domari ("the lamplighter"). The application would be to publish in Cairo; I'm not sure if that's exactly where Ferzat lives right now or if that's just a place where he has significant ties. According to the article, he's moved to Cairo after living in Kuwait. Ferzat left Syria after being brutally attacked by pro-government thugs in 2011, an incident that gained worldwide attention for the brutal and targeted aspect (they tried to break his hands) of the crime. He has since become a symbol of the uprising in that country and of the Arab Spring more generally. He has talked frequently of a desire to return to Syria.

The original al-Domari ran from 2000 to 2003 until it was shut down by the government. In the linked-to piece above, Ferzat talks about being almost bewildered by the extent of corruption -- and thus satirical targets -- in his country at that time.

at top is a Ferzat cartoon from a 2001 issue of the original magazine
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