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August 3, 2018

All Creators With Patreons Should Check Them For Financial Fallout Of Recent Administrative Changes

Some creators are due to feel it more than others but all creators using Patreon will likely feel the brunt of credit card declines and related closures, instigated by I think the business entity itself. I'm not sure what to do other than to inform as many people as possible to expect some pay stoppage and adust/correct/fix/plead accordingly.

I'd need multiple presidential pardons and 10,000 hours of labor from the Moloids to get my finances to look normal, but I do remember in my very early thirties taking the advice to shut things down as best I could for a year and shifting all my recurring bills to six months in the future. It was operating from a great position of privilege that this was an option for me, of course, and I'm still terrible with everything, but this reduced a load of immediate bill-paying stress and I was able to continue on. Third-party failures should elicit concern, not panic -- when you're lucky enough you can have things that way.
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