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July 20, 2014

All Prayers And Thoughts With The Great Joe Sinnott


From Clifford Meth:
This from Joe's son: "Exhausting day at the ER with Joe for lightheadedness/dizziness. They admitted him for A-fib and dangerously low heart rate (33). Taking away one of his meds seeing if that helps. Possible pacemaker needed. Carotid artery tests, CT scans of the head and blood tests were all negative."

This from me: There isn't a nicer, finer man in all of comics. Joe lost his dear wife some years ago but has forged ahead, never going a day without talking about her, still making extraordinary art, and deeply dedicated to his family. We all pray for his speedy and full recovery."
We share in Cliff's sentiment and wish that family the best. We with Mr. Sinnott himself a quick recovery and rapid return to normal.
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